On the PAWA Calendar with Lysley Tenorio for November 28, 2012

The Philippine American Writers and Artists Inc is rolling out their fall events, which include yours truly with Monstress author and my grad school mentor, Lysley Tenorio. Here’s hoping I can do him and his latest work justice in November. Mark your calendars and please share with interested parties. Hope to see you there!


PAWA Events

  • 11/28/2012: PAWA Presents Lysley Tenorio, Monstress. Moderated by Rashaan Alexis Meneses. More info TBA.

Latest short story “With Hummingbird in Hand” published by Australian-based journal “Kurungabaa”

Over ten years in the making, after hundreds of revisions and countless reincarnations, my short story, “With Hummingbird in Hand,” will finally see the light of day thanks to the editors at the Australian-based journal Kurungabaa.

Here’s an excerpt:

The oil in the deep fryer bubbled and cracked as Yesenia and Claudia orchestrated the breakfast shift. Parked in a littered alley next to a super-sized Home Depot in a ragged quarter of East Hollywood, Yesenia’s mobile kitchen, Mariscos de Madrugada, served as a beacon for over-worked souls who scrambled through gridlock, measuring their lives by paychecks and commutes. Outside their kitchen, police sirens blared, cars backfired, and horns honked. The mariachis they hired to entertain their hungry customers played at the curbside. The trim of their charro outfits gleamed in the early morning sun as the rush of orders kept coming.

Check out the original announcement on Kurungabaa’s website, where you can pick up a copy for yourself.

Latest Issue Vol4 No1 © 2012!

  • Vol. 4 No. 1 out now!



Derek Hynd

Susan  Gottlieb

Rebecca Olive

Louise Victoria Jeffredo

Shaun Tomson

Aga Maksimowska

Michael Scott Moore

Greg  Bogaerts

Cori Schumacher

Andrea Frost

Brian Barbeito

Carole Lander

Clifton Evers

Madelaine Dickie

Byron Alexander Campbell

Rashaan Meneses

Taylor Claire Miller


Kim Satchell

Corrina Cop Rain  Mcfarlane

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner

Susan  Adams

Louise Victoria Jeffredo

Trevor Abes

Carolyn Abbs

Celeste Snowber

Mara  Nichols

Rhonda Melanson


Dane Peterson

Hugo  Muecke


Note that the current issue is available in hard copy (the real rag) at the following fine establishments:

  •  Six Ounce Board Store, Manly

  • The Sugarmill, Narabeen

  • The Top Shop, Byron Bay (behind the counter)