Got our copy of Rabbit Fool Press’ latest anthology “Completely Mixed Up”

Completely Mixed Up

Yours truly has received my contributor’s copy of Rabbit Fool Press’ anthology “Completely Mixed Up” edited by Brandy Lien Worrall Soriano.

…fifteen years in the making. The project started in 2000, with a trilogy of 700 handmade chapbooks. Over the years, the project has been presented all throughout North America, most notably in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, and New York. Seventy contributors offer over 150 works of visual art, writing, photography, and performance in this groundbreaking anthology, displaying creative expressions of what it means to be mixed race/mixed heritage Asian American and Canadian.

Please spread the word to your favorite readers and consider using the anthology for your classes or donating to libraries. Copies are available at their website and Amazon.

Ethelyn Abellanosa, artist and writer
Neil Aitken, award-winning poet
Kevin Minh Allen, poet
James Lawrence Ardeña, artist and poet
Sandy Sue Benitez, poet
Tamiko Beyer, poet
Sumiko Braun, poet, filmmaker, performer
Leilani Chan, award-winning performer and playwright
Tricia Collins, actor and screenwriter
Wei Ming Dariotis, professor and poet
Melinda Luisa de Jesús, professor
Alison M. De La Cruz, performer and writer
Cheryl Deptowicz-Diaz, poet and lawyer
Lance Dougherty, poet
Andrea Duke, poet
Dr. Angela “El Dia” Martinez Dy, poet, writer, educator
Hillary LP Eason, writer
Sesshu Foster, award-winning writer
Margaret Gallagher, CBC radio personality and writer
Shamala Gallagher, writer
John Endo Greenaway, photographer and taiko performer
Hazel H. Hill, poet
Jason Kanjiro Howard, filmmaker
Catherine Irwin, poet
Michelle Tang Jackson, writer and performer
Sherlyn Jimenez, writer and poet
Dr. Peter Nien-chu Kiang, award-winning professor and poet
Daniel Takeshi Krause, writer
Noemi LaMotte Serrano, writer
Claire Light, writer
Marjorie Light, spoken word artist and DJ
Cassandra Love, award-winning poet
Pia Massie, award-winning multimedia artist
Kelty Miyoshi McKinnon, landscape architect and artist
Trina Mendiola Estanislao, poet and teacher
Rashaan Alexis Meneses, award-winning writer
Dorian Sanae Merina, award-winning poet, journalist, and educator
Shyamala Moorty, award-winning dancer and performer
Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, professor, psychologist, and writer
Mark Nakada, writer and teacher
Lynda Nakashima, visual artist
Victoria Namkung, journalist, novelist, consultant
Debora O, writer and educator
Genevieve Erin O’Brien, award-winning performer and educator
Haruko Okano, interdisciplinary artist
Matthew Olzmann, award-winning poet
Giovanni Ortega, award-winning poet, performer, and playwright
Taro O’Sullivan, writer and journalist
Tony Osumi, poet, artist, and teacher
Stevii Paden, poet
Sandra Mizumoto Posey, professor, poet, and performer
Amal Rana, poet and educator
Mia Riverton, award-winning actress, writer, and producer
Tony Robles, poet
Freedom Allah Siyam, poet, educator, and organizer
Genaro Ky Ly Smith, award-winning writer
Michael Tora Speier, multimedia artist
Sebastian Speier, artist and graphic designer
Jeff Chiba Stearns, award-winning filmmaker, animator, and illustrator
Jason Sublette, writer and professor
Claire Tran, poet, lyricist, and dramatic writer
Julie Thi Underhill, photographer, filmmaker, writer, and performer
Alberto Vajrabukka, poet and performer
Lisa Valencia-Svensson, award-winning filmmaker and poet
Kieu Linh Caroline Valverde, professor and writer
Jane Voodikon, writer
Fred Wah, award-winning writer and poet
Chloe Worrall-Yu, writer and artist
Mylo Worrall-Yu, writer and artist
Anthony Yuen, writer

Fingers crossed as a finalist…

…but not holding my breath. Here’s a most welcome surprise in my inbox from a recent literary contest submission that has me honored to have work recognized and be reminded, once again, how writing is a lifetime practice of patience and perseverance.

Center for Women Writers Finalist Email

Guest-blogging at Cecilia Manguerra Brainard’s site and sharing some California Love

Yours truly enjoyed the recent honor to guest-blog for dear friend and writer Cecilia Manguerra Brainard. She’s been there since the beginning of this writer’s journey publishing one of my very first short stories that lived to see the light of day. Cecilia has blazed the path I now trek, and I’m grateful for any chance to collaborate with her. Maraming salamat! Please peep out the post here.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 7.50.45 AM

Latest short story “With Hummingbird in Hand” published by Australian-based journal “Kurungabaa”

Over ten years in the making, after hundreds of revisions and countless reincarnations, my short story, “With Hummingbird in Hand,” will finally see the light of day thanks to the editors at the Australian-based journal Kurungabaa.

Here’s an excerpt:

The oil in the deep fryer bubbled and cracked as Yesenia and Claudia orchestrated the breakfast shift. Parked in a littered alley next to a super-sized Home Depot in a ragged quarter of East Hollywood, Yesenia’s mobile kitchen, Mariscos de Madrugada, served as a beacon for over-worked souls who scrambled through gridlock, measuring their lives by paychecks and commutes. Outside their kitchen, police sirens blared, cars backfired, and horns honked. The mariachis they hired to entertain their hungry customers played at the curbside. The trim of their charro outfits gleamed in the early morning sun as the rush of orders kept coming.

Check out the original announcement on Kurungabaa’s website, where you can pick up a copy for yourself.

Latest Issue Vol4 No1 © 2012!

  • Vol. 4 No. 1 out now!



Derek Hynd

Susan  Gottlieb

Rebecca Olive

Louise Victoria Jeffredo

Shaun Tomson

Aga Maksimowska

Michael Scott Moore

Greg  Bogaerts

Cori Schumacher

Andrea Frost

Brian Barbeito

Carole Lander

Clifton Evers

Madelaine Dickie

Byron Alexander Campbell

Rashaan Meneses

Taylor Claire Miller


Kim Satchell

Corrina Cop Rain  Mcfarlane

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner

Susan  Adams

Louise Victoria Jeffredo

Trevor Abes

Carolyn Abbs

Celeste Snowber

Mara  Nichols

Rhonda Melanson


Dane Peterson

Hugo  Muecke


Note that the current issue is available in hard copy (the real rag) at the following fine establishments:

  •  Six Ounce Board Store, Manly

  • The Sugarmill, Narabeen

  • The Top Shop, Byron Bay (behind the counter)


Barbara Jane Reyes Shouts Out on Poetry Foundation’s Harriet the Blog

Poetry Foundation’s Harriet the Blog has the honor and pleasure of hosting a regular online column with poet and professor Barbara Jane Reyes, who’s latest poets speaks truth to power, breaking silence and representation while giving a shout out to Pinay voices, including yours truly.

Do your soul a favor, and check out her words and Pinay works:

Teaching and Writing Pinay Lives and Voices

By Barbara Jane Reyes

As an author, I’ve been very uncomfortable, being expected to “represent” an entire community. Some years back, as a guest speaker in Willie Perdomo‘s VONA workshop, Building the Poetry Manuscript, I was asked by one Pinay student what that felt like, being a Pinay expected to “represent.” I told her I disliked it; though I think my work can be resonant and relevant to a Filipina American experience, it’s my own take on that wildly divergent thing. Moreover, something I’ve known since I was young, something to which my parents can attest, is that I am never the Pinay that people expect Pinays to be.

Read the entire post here.

Maraming salamat Barbara for making community!

Featured in the campus newspaper: “Saint Mary’s College welcomes these new faculty members as classes get under way on August 29”

“20 New Faculty Members Join Saint Mary’s in the 2011-12 Academic Year,” Feature Story, posted in SMC’s News & Events August 26, 2011:

Rashaan Alexis Meneses joins St. Mary’s College as an adjunct professor in Liberal and Civic Studies. She has taught at Merritt College, Laney College and Diablo Valley College and holds a MFA in Creative Writing from Saint Mary’s. A Jacob K. Javits Fellow, her research and writing focuses on the Filipino and Mexican diaspora, immigration and overseas workers, cosmopolitanism, and globalized cross-cultural influences. She serves as a Collegiate Seminar Governing Board member and, last fall, co-supervised the SMC Writing Center. She has been published recently in UC Riverside’s The Coachella Review, University of North Carolina’s Pembroke Magazine and the anthology, “Growing Up Filipino II: More Stories for Young Adults.”

In honor of Saint Valentine

On the summer solstice, June 21, 2010, among dear family and close friends, my partner of twelve years and myself jaunted over to San Francisco City Hall for a civil union. When we arrived, we had just missed a tour of elementary kids who were boarding their buses as we filed in for our appointment to be wed ’til death do us part. After our ceremony under the rotunda, we whisked up to the top floor for a photo shoot meanwhile SEIU members demonstrated, singing “We Shall Overcome.” We followed our civil union with a photo shoot at one of our favorite venues, the Legion of Honors. The day closed with an exchange of vows on Ocean Beach, and after ward we celebrated with dinner at the Cliff House.

We were lucky enough to have this magical day documented by our one of our nearest and dearest friends, who I’ve known since our salad days at UCLA. The photographer, artist, and educator Brenda Janairo captured the solstice’s events with her artistry. Here’s an excerpt of her website:

Oh L’amour….Rashaan & Phil

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I’m a sucker for love. I’m the one who watches all the weepy love flicks and cries like a baby. Yes, I admit, I love to cry. It’s not the mere action of crying that I love, but more the ability to connect to characters that I watch. To me that is what creates a beautiful film, characters I can sympathize with.
Now, when I connect to people in real life…tears do flow. A few weekends ago I had the honor of shooting the wedding of 2 amazing individuals, Rashaan and Phil.

For more photos click here.

Sightings Elsewhere from the Blogosphere

Your Salonniere is grateful for such wonderful colleagues and supportive friends who have lent their time and virtual space to give some shout outs. Many thanks to Jennie Durant and Veronica Montes for coverage on your sites!

Speaking of brave and wonderful writers, I would like to draw your attention to two excellent stories. The first is “In My Country,” by Tony Robles; the second is “Like Fish to Ginger,” by Rashaan Alexis Meneses. Take a few minutes out of your Internet surfing and enjoy; I know I did.

My talented friend and fellow M.F.A. graduate Rashaan Meneses recently wrote “Like Fish to Ginger” a lovely and haunting story about a Thai immigrant and the complex chemistry of food and romance. Read the first few paragraphs here, then click on the link for more. It’s a beautiful read. The only downside is that now I’m dying for a bowl of curry…

Steamed Fish with Ginger and Scallions (Ging Zheng Yu)
Photo: Christie Johnston

New Fiction on UC Riverside’s “The Coachella Review” Fall 2010 Online Issue

Once in a blue moon, mountains are moved, seas are shifted, and your Salonniere gets lucky enough to have a piece published. If you like Thai food, love/hate Los Angeles, or enjoy quirky short fiction, please check out my short story, “Like Fish to Ginger” included in The University of California, Riverside’s The Coachella Review Fall 2010 online issue. Many thanks to SMC Fiction MFA’ers for helping to make this possible. And, if it strikes your fancy, please pass the word along to friends, family, colleagues, students, blogs, tweets, Facebook, etc. Thanks for all your wonderful support.

Try a taste:

Like Fish to Ginger

By Rashaan Meneses

Before I set out to make my mark in Los Angeles, I chased Sunee. We met in a steamy noodle house in the Dusit District of Bangkok where I elbowed my way from dishwasher to sous chef. Sunee worked as hostess. Both seventeen, she knew exactly what she wanted, and it wasn’t me. Like with a delicate soup, I had to know when to stir and when to let the ingredients meld on their own. For seven months I coaxed her to me, savoring every minute of it, the taste of falling in love. This was all ages ago when cooking was like breathing.

Check out the entire piece, about a 15-minute read, at The Coachella Review.

Los Angeles