GoodReads Review: Marquez’s Collected Stories

Collected Stories

Reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez is like coming home, a home crammed with the most wondrous oddities. Birds of wild plumage. Winds that scrape against sanity. Seas that overcome and drown you. But there’s not a trace of cold heart-stopping fear. Marquez’s realms are Sublime.

The first two stories of this collection, Eyes of a Blue Dog, are preoccupied with death. Though highly abstract, and, at the same time, visceral, the details twitch and flitter, making the skin crawl. Death elicits unease, yet this macabre obsession shows hints more toward a writer’s meager canvas. The characters embody smallness of mind. An ego coddling itself? Much of the first collection is filled with amorphous plots and insulated characters. As the stories progress, and, as we move from one collection to another, we see Marquez step outside of his own neuroses and evolve as artist. His maturation is one of literature’s greatest treasures. As the writer strengthens his style, the tales grow sophisticated…

"Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you"

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