‘Ohe’o Gulch at Kipahulu State Park: Hana II, Maui, July 2010

At five in the afternoon, you’ll find a lot of men hitch-hiking along the road to Hana. We figured they must be leaving their stands tucked in rare pockets throughout the highway. Selling shaved ice, kalua pork, or banana bread, these vendors lure adventure-seeking motorists all day long and then, soon as the clock hits quitting time, they head for home, and its difficult to get an authentic mixed plate after five since most places are closed. The only souls out and about are the mynah birds performing their Hana Highway strut as they play daredevil with the oncoming traffic. On our next trip to Maui, we hope to camp at some of the parks and then stay a couple nights at the Hana Hotel.

Hana today, the world tomorrow!

I’ao Valley trek will be chronicled next…