Pihana was the major heiau of the Wailuku area

2 Replies to “Pihana was the major heiau of the Wailuku area”

  1. Hi there. Do you know: What exactly is this tiny enclosed area with the monument reading “Pihana Heiau”? It looks like a grave but I don’t think it’s that simple. I was there today and I was a little confused by what exactly this enclosed site represents…

    1. Thanks for visiting. Glad to hear you got to visit the sacred archeological sites on Maui. Lucky you! The Haleki’i and Pihana Heiau State Monuments, just outside of Wailuku, served as religious ceremonial sites and is home to Hawaii’s past chiefs and high-ranking officers. For more information on the sites, check out Hawaii Web and Maui’s Historical Society writer Lyons Kapi’ioho Naone III’s online articles, who is highly respected as a Hawaiian healing practitioner.


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