Mentoring Faculty

Spring 2011, I had the privilege of mentoring two colleagues for Collegiate Seminar at Saint Mary’s College of California. So quickly had I jumped for being a mentee myself, suddenly I found the tables turned. Reflecting on the experience, which I hope to share again, here’s suggestions on what I learned that might prove helpful for others:


-Arrange to meet with your mentor and prepare a list of questions.
-Submit syllabus and course calendar to mentor by second week of classes for review.
-Schedule time to observe your mentor’s seminar.


-Request syllabus and course calendar from mentees and have them submit by the second week of classes for your review.
-Schedule time to observe mentee’s class and be sure to meet directly after observation to cover questions and concerns your mentor might have.
-Provide contact information and consider following up before the end of the semester to cover any more questions or concerns your mentee has.
-Discuss participation about program activities such as retreats and the informal curriculum.

An end of the semester reflection seems an incredibly useful and invaluable tool for mentors, mentees, and the program. Below are questions, which could be prefaced with: "Mentoring support which is meant to be collegial and non-judgmental. Therefore, mentors are not evaluators."

In your reflection, you may want to respond to these questions:

  • What date and which text was your class discussing when you were you observed?
  • When did you have your follow up meeting after your observation? Please give a brief summary 3-4 sentences on what was covered during your meeting.
  • What expectations did you have as a mentor/mentee?
  • How were your expectations met?
  • Were any expectations not covered?
  • What suggestions do you have for future mentors/mentees?

"Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you"

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