Schedule of Events for ACTC @ SMC, Friday, October 21, 4-9pm

ACTC@SMC is the presentation/discussion in our community of the contributions of SMC faculty at last spring's national conference of the Association for Core Texts and Courses. Each of 8 SMC attendees gave a 15 minute presentation, focused on a core text, at a panel. The authors considered ranged from Sappho to Rousseau to Kafka.

Reprising these presentations at the College has resulted in an engaging, stimulating exchange, with lively discussions ensuing – the sort of fun that attracted us in the first place to this business of professoring . The schedule, subject to minor revision of times, is as follows

date: Friday, October 21

place: Br. Gary York classroom

4:00 first session

6:00 dinner

7:00 second session

9:00 adjournment

Presenters include:
Bob Gardner / Deanne Kruse
Rashaan Meneses on "Engaging First Generation Students with Jean Jacques Rousseau's Discourse on Inequality"
Patrick Downey
Grete Stenersen
Chad Arnold
Br. Ken Cardwell
Ken Parker
Charles Hamaker