Nominated for a Sundress Best of the Net Prize by Coachella Review

Honored and humbled to have my short story, “Like Fish to Ginger” nominated for a Sundress Best of the Net Prize by The Coachella Review, who published the piece in Fall 2010. What a wonderful way to close the year!

Check out The Coachella Review’s full list of nominations from their blog post:

Award Season

Written By: Lindsey – Dec• 01•11

Our Best of the Net nominations are:

Elephant” by Perrin Carrell

What He Did with the Moon Tonight” by Lindsay Illich

Hubcaps” by Carol Ellis

I Loved Saying My Father’s Name” by John McKernan

This is This” by Jaydn DeWald

Contemp Rural” by Benjamin Evans

Zoo” by Corey Campbell

Like Fish to Ginger” by Rashaan Meneses

Masha” by Marcia DeSanctis

And, if you haven’t read the piece, here’s a taste:

Like Fish to Ginger

By Rashaan Meneses
Before I set out to make my mark in Los Angeles, I chased Sunee. We met in a steamy noodle house in the Dusit District of Bangkok where I elbowed my way from dishwasher to sous chef. Sunee worked as hostess. Both seventeen, she knew exactly what she wanted, and it wasn’t me. Like with a delicate soup, I had to know when to stir and when to let the ingredients meld on their own. For seven months I coaxed her to me, savoring every minute of it, the taste of falling in love. This was all ages ago when cooking was like breathing.

Read the entire story here.

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