New work featured in “New Letters” Winter 2014 Issue

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Inspired by the International Retreat for Writers fellowship at Hawthornden Castle last June 2013, “The Others Are Strangers” is a tale that worked more like a possession. I have a sense of where the voice, the imagery, and this family came from, but its not like I could point to any fixed origin, certainly not in my life, certainly not autobiographical, but still a projekt that came from something both deep and transcendent. About a young boy from Midlothian Scotland, who feels estranged from his father, mother,  and older brother, he desperately wants to be close again–to live like a family once more.

I’ve been told hard copy issues are in the mail, and I can’t wait to get my paws on them. In the meantime, I dedicate this story to my fellow Hawthorndeners who made the residency an event I never want to forget. Here’s to you Hamish, Georgina, Allisdaire, Greg, Gretchen, Rosanna, Terry, Joan, and Julian.

If you’re so inclined, take a sneak peek of the story at New Letters website and catch the shout out included in Robert Stewart’s “Editor’s Note.” Then consider purchasing a copy for yourself or any lover of lit.

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