Excited to be reading for the SF Emerald Tablet’s “Under the Influence”

Screen shot 2015-01-30 at 4.44.19 PM

Thanks to Dr. Raina León, yours truly will be reading for the  SF Emerald Tablet’s “Under the Influence” series 19 February 7:30pm (80 Fresno Street, SF) along with artists Thaisa FrankPatrick NewsonAbbie Amadio, and Joe Stillwater

Since I’ve got a thing for the ekphrastic, I’m really looking forward to participating in this unique literary event. Here’s why:

The Emerald Tablet is proud to host the third round of its first homegrown performance series, co-created with and hosted by Quiet Lightning‘s Evan Karp.

Under the Influence • art by Winston SmithFour artists perform work by some of their major influences, followed by original work created for the show that channels that influence. Artists have 15 minutes to perform and will help select the following month’s performers, so that each show is inspired by the one before. In addition, each month an influence will be announced, and we will accept submissions of original work in response; one will be selected to be performed in the next show.

Mark your calendars, please spread the word, and hope to see at what should be an enlightening experience. More to come…

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