Thrilled to be included in the much anticipated anthology “Completely Mixed Up” Chapbook

Soon to be released by Rabbit Fool Press, Completely Mixed Up is part of the anthology series, which

began in 1999, when Aisarema, an Asian American literary organization in Los Angeles, approached Brandy Liên Worralland her colleague James Ardena to curate a reading by mixed race Asian American poets and writers. With their backgrounds in book and visual arts, Brandy and Jamie produced 300 handmade chapbooks, entitled “Mixed Up,” to commemorate the reading…Over the next 10 years, they produced “Too Mixed Up” and “All Mixed Up,” publishing works by over 70 writers and artists from the U.S., Canada, the Philippines, and Japan.

Featuring art, photography and writing Completely Mixed Up explores  what it means to be mixed race and come from mixed heritage. Copies will be available here soon!


Rabbit Fool Press Release All Mixed Up Anthology 2015


Fingers crossed as a finalist…

…but not holding my breath. Here’s a most welcome surprise in my inbox from a recent literary contest submission that has me honored to have work recognized and be reminded, once again, how writing is a lifetime practice of patience and perseverance.

Center for Women Writers Finalist Email