Recapping “Cleave” at Octopus Literary Salon

Yours truly had the great honor of reading for “Cleave: Bay Area Women Writers Series” this Friday 26 February at the beautiful space The Octopus Literary Salon in downtown Oakland, a cozy, light filled bookstore and cafe that I hope to visit soon again. Sharing work with literary luminaries Mary Volmer, Candace Eros Diaz, hosted and organized by Dr. Raina León, who followed up the reading with some challenging questions like Star Trek or Star Wars? And what does your life say about your writing? The reading proved to be an intimate family affair.


Candace Eros Diaz read a flash fiction piece that left the senses hungry for more as well as an excerpt from a work in progress, which kept us in suspense. I wasn’t kidding when I said I want to be Candace when I grow up. Her work cuts deep to bone.


Dr. Raina León, who is a sister to me, will be reading her work for the next “Cleave: Bay Area Women Writers” event at Octopus Literary Salon 15 April 7pm along with friend and colleague Tereza Kramer who’s new poetry book is coming out shortly.


Mary Volmer, a guiding light in my constellation ever since I met her twelve years ago, read an excerpt from her soon to be released novel Reliance, published by Soho Press (May 2015). The story is gripping with characters that kick off the page.

It was a pure honor and absolute pleasure to bask in these writers radiance. Thanks to all those who came out to show support and love. XO!

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