Dear 2019: You were one year full of surprises, plenty of rejections, and two much needed, last minute acceptances

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 3.45.07 PM

Dear 2019,

What a difficult year you have been with unexpected challenges, surprising scares (that thankfully turned out to be nothing more), and seemingly endless rejections. You held out until the very end to sneak in two amazing acceptances. How could I have anticipated that 2020 and the new decade would kick off with the honor and opportunity to be  a Bainbridge Resident with Seventh Wave and an early summer stint at the Wellspring House Retreat in Massachusetts? But you knew, didn’t you? Oh what a trickster, year you have played.

2019, your lessons were many, some more difficult than others, but I’m grateful to you for once again proving that persistence, commitment to the craft, and being real to my own authentic voice can keep me moving forward, keep my writing growing, and the stories flowing. Thanks for strengthening the will and renewing my faith.

Yours truly,


P.S. Here’s to 2020 and new beginnings:

"Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you"

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