Six Songs of Myself

Something fun while trudging through the quagmire of mid fall semester, The Guardian UK covers “Six Songs of Me: Just why music matters so much to us …” and yours truly just couldn’t resist playing along.
Below are the six songs that have given meaning to life. Have a go and maybe create your own play list.

Check out my playlist here.

What was the first song you ever bought?

  • On the cassette tape, Michael Jackson’s Thriller with “Human Nature” on repeat. 

What song always gets you dancing?

  •   I can’t lie on this one, 2pac’s “How Do U Want It?”

What song takes you back to your childhood?

What is your perfect love song?

  • Tom & Elis, “Aguas de Marco” played for our reception.

What song would you want at your funeral?

  • Morrissey, “Sing Your Life” (Tried to find a Smiths songs but they’re all horribly inappropriate)

Time for an encore. One last song that makes you, you.

  • The Smiths “Stretch Out and Wait” All time, hands down, absolute favorite.

"Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you"

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