Ka’anapali & Luau at Black Rock, July 2010

Immersed in the silky, clear blue waters of Ka’anapali, we trailed a sea turtle  to Black Rock and swam with the fishes along the coral reefs. This beach is popular for many reasons made apparent in the below images. While we splashed around a fellow Ka’anapali admirer shouted to the world soon as he jumped into the waves, “Yeah, Hawaii!!! This water feels so good!” We couldn’t agree more.

As we snorkeled without snorkels we spotted: needlefish, bluespine unicorn fish, yellowstripe goalfish, eyestripe surgeon, and rainbow runner, but the best sighting of the day, by far, was Phil Sanders taking center stage, hula dancing at the Black Rock Luau, a vision not to be missed. Take a peek for yourself!

Who doesn't love hula?

The last of the Hawaii photos will be coming soon, featuring a trip to Kihue, a tour of Ali’i Lavendar Farm and Surfing Goat Farm, and a final stop at a sacred burial ground near Wailuka.

2 Replies to “Ka’anapali & Luau at Black Rock, July 2010”

  1. what fab photos ! Rahaan looks so picture perfect exotically beautiful and what an amazing back drop ! Love the pics of Phil getting in their and doin’ the hula ! that really made us laugh. It looks like it was such a special wonderful time. We are so happy for you both ! thanks so much for sharing them it was fun to vicariously share your experience. Sending you loads of good wishes from across the waters. Love Heather and Andrew xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Heather Love,
    Thanks so much for taking a peek. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss you? We had a great time at the luau and can’t wait to do more hula dancing. Please do give Andrew our love and a big hug and kiss for yourself.

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